ACES Angel, Carly McHenry, Opens Local Business

ACES is Hiring!

ACES Angel, Carly McHenry, Opens Local Business

July 7, 2017,

Car Jars
"What intrigued me the most was that everybody in their life has been touched by autism." -Carly McHenr
Once an ACES Angel, always an ACES Angel is what we say around here. Carly McHenry worked at ACES for three and a half years. She started out as a Behavior Interventionist and eventually advanced into a teaching assistant position at ACES Academy. Now? She runs her own successful small business. Cars Jars, serves delicious and unique salads/meals in jars for people on the go!


When speaking with Carly, her passion and drive were apparent in every word she spoke. When asked why she chose ACES, Carly stated that she wanted the one-on-one interaction with the child and the unique ability to engage with parents. "It gives the parents a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel because you're there with them, helping them."

Most Memorable Moment at ACES

Her most memorable moments at ACES were within the San Diego ACES Academy during the end of the year graduation parties. These graduation parties highlighted the students time there, as ACES Academy staff celebrated the students and their families. She also really enjoyed the outdoor group programming activities with the graduates.

ACES Take Away

Carly didn't leave ACES empty handed. She stated, between chuckles, that when transitioning into the entrepreneurship world she brought "Patience! Definitely! ACES has taught me to be patient. Patience and persistence!"

Cars Jars was Born!

Car Jars Grand Opening
Car Jars is located at:
4161 Voltaire Street, Unit A, San Diego, CA 92107
So how did this Cars Jars get started you ask? It all started in the backyard of ACES. Her ACES coworkers would often inquire about her amazing salads during their lunch breaks. Eventually she started packing lunches for her peers, which steadily grew into her brave leap of a home business start-up, delivering salads and meals in mason jars.

The demand grew steadily and we are excited to say that Carly just opened her very own storefront in Point Loma!

She even took a little of her positive reinforcement training with her as she encourages environmental responsibility by incorporating a recycling program. Return a jar. Earn a star. 8 stars you get a free salad!

Carly's Dream

The last question for Carly was asking about her long-term goals and dreams. Without hesitation, she replied with, "I really want to provide people or show people how easy it can be to eat healthily or live a healthy lifestyle." She also discussed the desire to expand and to create a platform for mentoring other women in the journey of entrepreneurship. Inspiring Carly!

Stop by during a busy work day and pick a healthy meal or have it delivered by placing an order online.

We are so grateful for Carly's contribution to ACES and we wish her all the best!

Cars Jars

Grand Opening is...
Monday, July 10th through Friday, July 14th.

Stop by to show local support or grab a healthy meal on the go!

Is it lunch yet?