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Recruiting Cyber Analysts on the Autism Spectrum

December 11, 2017

Why the Australian Defence Organization Is Recruiting Cyber Analysts on the Autism Spectrum
A dandelion's name is derived from the French dent de lion, a reference to the irregular and jagged margins of the lance-shaped leaves. This is why “The Dandelion Program” is an apt title for the recruitment of “non-traditional talent sources”, such as individuals with autism, to combat cyberwarfare for the Australian Defence Organization. Though individuals with autism are often challenged by finding and keeping meaningful employment, many are thriving in the military world of cybersecurity.

Visit this article to read more about how individuals with autism in Australia are working alongside the military; gaining job skills, confidence and improving their sense of self-worth while providing a vital service for their country.

ACES Angel, Carly McHenry, Opens Local Business

July 7, 2017

Car Jars
"What intrigued me the most was that everybody in their life has been touched by autism." -Carly McHenr
Once an ACES Angel, always an ACES Angel is what we say around here. Carly McHenry worked at ACES for three and a half years. She started out as a Behavior Interventionist and eventually advanced into a teaching assistant position at ACES Academy. Now? She runs her own successful small business. Cars Jars, serves delicious and unique salads/meals in jars for people on the go!


When speaking with Carly, her pa... more

Carol Gray’s Social Stories

June 20, 2017

Nellie Valentine and son.
Why do we hug or kiss some people when greeting them and only shake hands with others? Why don’t you sit right next to a stranger in a movie theater when the theater is not full? Why is it okay to run and yell in a park, but not in a library?

There are literally millions of social rules we have learned throughout our lives that help to guide our behavior and help us to understand the world around us based on who we are interacting with, where we are, and our culture. We retrieve past experiences in order to make judgments about what social behaviors are appropriate and we make many of t... more