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June 19, 2015

Families with a child with autism might have siblings who may or may not also be on the spectrum. These parents understand the balancing act of meeting the demanding needs of the child with autism while also providing other siblings with the time and attention they too deserve and need.

The father-child bond is strong and the love is omnipresent yet siblings of a child with autism may... more

June 18, 2015

Before you had a child with autism you envisioned what it was going to be like to be someone's father. A DAD. You thought your job was going to be to provide for the family, coach little league, lead camping expeditions, and be a comforting shoulder to cry on. That all changed when your child was diagnosed with autism.

Reality set in that your child may never play a team sport, be... more

June 17, 2015

All parents of children on the spectrum have an incredibly difficult job, particularly those raising kids after a divorce. You may be a divorced dad but your commitment and connection to your child with autism remains strong. Involved Autism Dads; married, single and divorced, are all around us. They should be recognized and celebrated on Father's Day of all days.

Here are a few tips... more

June 16, 2015

Often times grandparents are playing a critical part in supporting and encouraging their child raising a child with autism. Families with involved grandparents can lead to better outcomes not only for the child, but also for the grandparents. Your participation in your child's family activities keeps you content and fulfilled with purpose and helps manage a busy home with a child with autism... more

June 15, 2015
General Tips Step One: Plan early.

The earlier you and the father of your child can agree on what he would like to do on Father’s Day the easier the day will be. Be specific about who is doing what and when. Clear, specific plans help everyone remain calmer and enjoy the day. Check websites for ideas.

Step Two: Communicate with your child.

Once you and your ex agree on plans for... more