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CJ's Corner Autism Awareness 2017

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CJ's Corner Autism Awareness 2017

April 6, 2017, CJ's Corner

Autism Awareness Day
I know for many people "Autism Awareness Day" is every day. It is inescapable and it is forever. Yet for many without a direct link to someone with autism spectrum disorder, there is little understanding of how autism is treated. For this reason, I proudly wear blue on World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd) and take every opportunity to share what I know with others. Autism Awareness Month is observed every April.

How does anyone know where to focus when countless treatments and therapies are now available and promoted as the "next best thing?"

Therapy Dogs Enriching Lives at ACES
From the many treatments available, I favor the Applied Behavior Analysis model, or "ABA Model," as it incorporates social validity in the process, is widely accepted as the foremost treatment for autism, and its' effectiveness demonstrated by measurement. Improvements that can be socially validated (i.e. the meaning applied to the importance of the goals, the appropriateness of the procedures, and the social importance of the effects) confirms a working model that can be integrated into a life plan of support and success.

Simply put, ABA works to develop "the one they will do" and ACES is proud to have been providing the ABA model to clients for over 20 years. The "awareness" of this month, for me personally, is a reminder of the importance of valuing those impacted by autism and offering measurable change, like with the ABA model, to make a positive difference in their lives.