Gifting with Presence

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Gifting with Presence

December 29, 2015, CJ's Corner

Gift GivingLast month we visited the theme of gratitude just as the winter holidays were approaching. Now, in the last month of the year, I’d like to visit the idea of “gifting”. I’m not talking about gifting with “presents” rather I am suggesting gifting with “presence.”

A very important aspect of our relationships with family and friends is the effect of our presence, and how we influence each other. Showing our gratitude is a simple way to pair our presence with our thanks to those around us. Now, I’d like to add the idea of going beyond expressing thanks and gratitude, and finding ways to take the extra step - doing something thoughtful, helping and useful for family and friends.

Think of this as a ‘gift of the winter season’. Gifting with presence can be anything really. Consider making a favorite meal or dessert, running an errand, cleaning up that long-standing closet, or tackling the “honey-do” chores. Gifting with presence may be as simple as spending quality time with those you love with the sole purpose of connecting and appreciating one another. Take the time to recognize that the best ‘gifts’ come from the heart and from your presence. See how creative you can be! As we close out the year, find something you can do to lift the spirit of others. Go into this winter season with the extra effort that says “this is for you!”