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Community Integration Program

CIP: Amusement Outing
Event Details

Join us on the second Friday in July, August and September at your local amusement venues for family fun! Clients can practice community and social skills while participating in activities with their peers. Make lasting memories and forging friendships! (*Contact your local office for event participation and details.)

CIP, Community Integration Program, is a community-based group ABA program that allows clients to access community locations and activities with ABA and Family support. A parent or caregiver is required to attend the event with the client.


  • This event is for ACES Clients and their families, siblings are encouraged to attend

  • Parents or Caregivers are required to stay for the duration of the event

  • Parents or Caregivers pay for the cost of the event for their child and siblings attending. ACES staff will be there to support your child and family during the event

*Talk to your ACES Supervisor for more information or to sign-up!


July 12, 2024 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm PST


All ACES Locations


All Ages


Join Us for this Special Occasion