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MakerKids: Minecraft Focused Social Group
Event Details

ACES is excited to partner with MakerKids to host a virtual Focused Group for Minecraft enthusiasts!

The 6 week series is geared towards kids who love computer games and need some extra practice building friendships. ACES clients will target social skills and practice making friends through fun and interactive Minecraft games.

Prerequisite Skills for Participants:

  • Meet ACES Focused Group Pre-Requisites

  • Can follow multi-step instructions on the computer

  • Sits at computer for at least 50 minutes without attempts to leave

  • Has basic computer skills (e.g. how to simultaneously use a mouse with one hand while navigating with the WASD keys with the other, how to identify keys and buttons by reading what they say, etc.)

Other Prerequisite:

  • Computer running Windows 10 or a recent release of OSX.

  • Purchased and installed Minecraft Java edition.

  • Access to a stable consumer level broadband internet connection

  • Permissions to override anything that prevents MC and web conferencing.

  • Has access to headphones, microphone, and a webcam.

  • Has an adult available to supervise the child during the sessions and help when needed

Additional Information:

  • Cost: If less than 5 clients enroll - $30/class/child ($180 USD total), if 5 or more clients register -  $25/class/child ($150 USD total). We will cap each classroom to 5 kids. (Payment link will be provided to Supervisor upon client enrollment)

  • Deadline to enroll: Monday May 27, 2024


June 3, 2024 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST thru July 8, 2024, every monday.


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