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PEERS Series Program: Now Enrolling!
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We are now enrolling for Telehealth PEERS, an evidence-based, caregiver-assisted social skills intervention. This is a 14-week program. Those enrolled in ACES PEERS Groups will be placed in small groups of similar-aged peers and will learn:

  • How to use appropriate conversational skills

  • How to be a good host during get-togethers

  • How to make phone calls to friends

  • How to choose appropriate friends

  • How to handle arguments and disagreements

  • How to handle rumor and gossip

  • And so much more!

Please contact your supervisor today to see if your child would benefit from this program and for more information. Please note: An additional screening is required before client is placed into the PEERS program. For this reason, early registration is encouraged.


February 19, 2024 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm PST thru May 20, 2024, every monday.


All ACES Locations


Teens and young adults, ages 13 - 24


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