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SpringFEST 2024: Blooming Bright Colors
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Show your spirit for ACES SpringFEST 2024 Open ACES is a clinic-based program for clients of all ages and abilities to come to our clinic to socialize, play, and engage in thematic curriculum that promotes learning and new experiences. Check with your funding source or supervisor to see if your child is eligible to attend clinic-based programs. Parents do not need to stay but are welcomed with a Supervisor present. Open ACES provides a new opportunity for your child to:

  • Socialize with peers

  • Generalize mastered skills

  • Experience peer modeling from typical peer models!!

  • Be exposed to novel stimuli to keep them engaged in their ABA therapy (motivation is everything)

  • Build rapport with newer BI’s by pairing them with a fun experience at ACES

  • Get extra support from various professionals who attend Open ACES

Please speak with your supervisor today for more information and how to enroll your child for this event!


March 19, 2024


All ACES Locations


All Ages


Join Us for this Special Occasion